5-1/2X9 1000G WET OR DRy / SUN 7220

5-1/2X9 1000G WET OR DRy / SUN 7220

Refinish King Kissimmee

SKU: 07220

5-1/2X9 1000G WET OR DRY 50/BOX

Sunmight Waterproof is made with high quality water resistant paper backing for flexibility and outstanding finish. Special resin technology reduces possible curling problems during wet sanding operations.

Type: Plain Sheets.Size: 5-1/2" x 9".Grain: Silicon Carbide. Backing: Latex Paper. Bond: Resin over Resin. Coating: Closed Coat

- Wet or dry sanding for all surface
- Finest finishing even under wet sanding
- Long durability without tearing or curling
- Superior cutting for hand sanding

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